Holy Waste concept for Syngenta 2014

HOLY WASTE in India (2005), waste management in Brasil (2008) and some more HOLY WASTE in Malaysia (2009).
Concept for Syngenta Award Scarcity-Waste, 2014


project proposal by Nabiha & Thom

How the human race rapes this planet

How intelligent is a species that does not want to see the longterm effects of its destructive behaviour to its natural habitat (so far only one planet). Only to push superficial short term profit?

Both of us having parents from two different cultures, we grew up in a mindset that led us to feeling as a child of this world – without any cultural or local boundaries in our minds – and an extremely deep love and fascination for nature.
We truly feel global – and act local as much as we can – already for more than 20 years.

When we travel and see how other countries are overwhelmed by the problem of managing (their) waste – and at the same time destroying the scarce, precious riches of their nature – we feel very angry.

To us – the way the human race treats this planet and itself is a very sad representation of the state of consiousness of our species. It seems like a war between those who keep destroying – and those who see a different kind of profit in sustaining the beauty and riches nature provides – and decide to live in harmony and balance with the eco system. A world wide large-scale change of mind and action is vital.

As private persons we try to take as much responsibility for saving this planet as we can. As photographers we try to raise consiousness by showing people the effects of their actions – and help understand correlations. It is good that the general awareness about sustainability in the fields of nutrition, clothing, production of goods in general, health etc. is rising. Let´s hope we are acting in time.


© Nabiha & Thom, September 2014