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August 2020 – looking back:
In November 27th 2007 we sent out our first newsletter. It was more than one year after our huge UNITY solo show at Gruner + Jahr Gallery 11 in Hamburg and the nomination for the Bremen Award for Fine Arts in 2006 – both a huge installation with 300 UNITY images from the first 9 years of our collaboration (1997 – 2005).

We informed about an interview that the Bavarian Open Radio did with us. It was about couples that have been together for a long time (10 years at that time). Also, we were just about to take off to Aleppo in Syria: Issa Touma, director of the international Women`s Art Festival at Le Pont Gallery invited us to show our longterm project UNITY. Today – after the terrible war in Syria – Issa is fortunately able to continue his strong work strengthening the importance of photography as a cultural language of art, love and peace on an international level.

We also invited to a group show called Faith. Love. Hope. at Hafenmuseum in Bremen where we showed our earliest Metamorphose Leviathan.

Today, in 2020, we are able to look back at 23 years of collaboration as an artist couple.
Our hearts are full of gratitude about everything we could experience together and we are so much looking forward to what`s to come!

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December 2020
Liebe Freunde der Kunst!

Wir freuen uns sehr, Euch das Ergebnis unseres
Interactive Art Production Project Projekts mitzuteilen:
VARAHA II-I, 2020.
VARAHA II-I, 2020 ist Teil der Serie VARAHA II
und hat die meisten Stimmen erhalten.
Die Sonderedition ist ab sofort erhältlich!

* * *

August 2020

Dear friends of Unity Art,
we are happy to be able to tell you that we are now also represented by the VKU,
and its beautiful gallery space Spitaele in the heart of Wuerzburg.
The artist run gallery has been around for more than 100 years
and is one of the most important exhibition spaces in the area.
The current summer group show can be visited until August 30 2020.

We are presenting our new work GAIA for the first time.

* * *

June 2020
Invitation to exhibition without opening & new works
Dear friends,

hopefully you all managed to stay healthy during the last weeks
and will continue to do so.

We have been very productive during the time of the lockdown
and now feel relieved to finally be able again to invite you all
to another local group show called „tierisch gut“ at
BBK Galerie in Würzburg beginning on Sat June 27 until Sun July 19 2020.

We will be presenting Maha Ganesha for the first time to the public.

* * *

March 2020
Release of new artwork & more
Dear friends,

What if everyone would stop fighting war, because they are afraid of Corona?
What if this is the common enemy that helps humanity to overcome
all regional, cultural and mental boundaries?
What if this is the chance for humanity to finally lean how clever it would be to collaborate on a global scale?
What if this is the chance to transcend narrow mindedness and uplift our spirits
to collectively work together to heal ourselves and the earth?

Read our thoughts at the beginnig of the Corona pandemic here:

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January 09 2020
Happy Healthy Balanced New 2020!

Dear friends of Unity Art,
THANK YOU from our hearts for your interest in our work,
THANK YOU for your continual support, inspiration
and loyal following of our activities!
Some of you have been following our progress not only for years,
but for two decades now.
It means a lot to us, when our works are seen, enjoyed and collected!

* * *

December 06 2019
Psst… Fine Art small works Edition COCO DE MER Deal Starts Today!

Hello everyone,
we are very happy to let you know that our COCO DE MER Fine Art small works Triptych Art Edition
is now available for all dear readers of our newsletter.

* * *

November 19 2019
Save the Date. Fine Art small works Edition COCO DE MER & Invitation exhibition opening Spiritus

Dear friends of visual inspiration,

save the date! We are super excited to announce the release of our new small works series,
the COCO DE MER Fine Art small works Triptych Art Edition!

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June 10 2019
Einladung zum Kunstfestival Kap-Hoorn ART 15.+16. Juni in Bremen

Dear art enthusiasts and friends of visual inspiration,
we are happy that our far traveled series DOORS OF PERCEPTION has been selected for presentation at this year’s  Kap-Hoorn ART festival themed Transparencies. (…)

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* * *

January 4th 2019:
Happy New 2019  –
The earth without art is just “eh“.  (Demetri Martin)

Dear friends,
how would the world be like without art? (…)

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