Lion, 2023 I New work

Lion, 2023

Limited Edition 60 x 90 cm 5 + 2


I created Lion in the winter of 2022/2023 as a spirit animal to give me strength.
This Lion is a very happy lion, because he just made love to his lioness.
I personally portrayed him on a safari tour at the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania.
We witnessed the beautiful love scene of the couple from very close distance
and it was absolutely stunning to see so much loving tenderness between such strong animals.
Lion, 2023 is part of our series „Metamorphoses“.

Collectible as:
Framed / Gerahmt:
Ready to hang
: UltraSec® Museum Glass framing, numbered & signed


Print only:
Hahnemühle Fine Art Print museum quality / Ultrachrome HDR pigmentink,
numbered & signed on the back, and front if desired.
The 90 x 60 cm sized image is laid out on 100 x 70 cm sized 
white paper with a 5 cm white border.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Print, Ultrachrome HDR Pigmenttinte, nummeriert mit
Signatur auf der Vorderseite.

Der 60 x 90 cm große Hahnemuehle Fine Art Print ist auf 70 x 100 cm großem Papier plaziert,
so dass ein 5 cm weißer Rand das Bild umgibt.

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