Photon Collectors, new work 2024


Photon Collectors, 2024
(series of 7 works)

Plants are intricately woven with light. It’s not just a poetic metaphor; it’s a fundamental truth.
Plants, through the process of photosynthesis, harness light energy from the sun and convert it into chemical energy,
fueling their growth and sustaining life on Earth.

In essence, plants are made of light. Their leaves, those delicate solar panels, capture photons of sunlight and channel them into a remarkable biochemical dance.
Within the chloroplasts, pigments like chlorophyll absorb light energy, initiating a cascade of reactions that ultimately produce glucose — the most important source of energy in all organisms.

This profound connection between plants and light is mirrored by photography.
Just as a photographer skillfully adjusts settings to capture the perfect shot, plants have evolved to optimize their light-harvesting abilities.
They orient their leaves to capture maximum sunlight, adjust their pigment concentrations based on light intensity,
and even fine-tune the angles of their chloroplasts to minimize shading.

Moreover, like a photograph that preserves a moment in time, plants encapsulate the history of Earth’s relationship with light.
Through fossil records and molecular biology, scientists trace the evolution of photosynthesis, unraveling its ancient origins
and the pivotal role it played in shaping our planet’s atmosphere and ecosystems.
Yet, there’s more to this analogy. Just as a photograph can evoke emotions and tell stories, plants too have narratives encoded within their structures.
The rings of a tree trunk, for instance, chronicle years of growth, each layer a testament to seasons past — times of plenty, droughts, fires, and calm.

Furthermore, both plants and photographs possess a captivating aesthetic allure. The vibrant colors of flowers, the intricate patterns of leaves,
and the graceful curves of branches are echoed in the artistry found in a masterfully composed photograph.
Whether in a verdant forest or a meticulously tended garden, plants beckon us to pause, observe, and appreciate the beauty woven into their very essence.

In a world increasingly dominated by artificial light and digital imagery, the intrinsic connection between plants and light serves as a poignant reminder
of our profound dependence on the natural world. For in the dance of photons and pigments lies the secret to life itself —
a timeless bond between plants and light that continues to inspire, nourish, and sustain us all.

Nabiha & Thom, 2024

Photon Collectors Special Edition 2024:

Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta museum quality edition of 5
50 x 75 cm on 60 x 90 cm, signed on the front

Photon Collectors SonderEdition 2024:
Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta Museumsqualität: 5 Stück
50 x 75 cm auf 60 x 90 cm, signiert auf der Vorderseite.

Framing options / Gerahmt:
UltraSec® Museum Glass framing  numbered & signed
Schattenfugenrahmen, Fine Art gewachst, numbered & signed
LED lightbox, dimmable, numbered & signed

Hahnemühle Fine Art Print museum quality / Ultrachrome HDR pigmentink,
numbered & signed on the back, and front if desired.
The 50 x 75 cm sized image is laid out on 60 x 90 cm sized 
white paper with a small white border.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Print, Ultrachrome HDR Pigmenttinte, nummeriert mit
Signatur auf der Rückseite, auf Wunsch auch auf der Vorderseite.
Der 50 x 75 cm große Hahnemuehle Fine Art Print ist auf 60 x 90 cm großem Papier plaziert,
so dass ein kleiner weißer Rand das Bild umgibt.

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