Coco de Mer

COCO DE MER I-V (series of 5)

Seychelles, 2019/2020
 Lodoicea maldivica
(Psychedelic Kaleidoscope XV)

The magic of nature´s uniqueness,
biodiversity, sustainability, ecology.
Save planet Earth, act for the Amazon and protect all woods, forests and trees!


COCO DE MER celebrates the magic and uniqueness of each plant and nature in general
in an abstract surreal photographic style.

In the last three generations of this endemic palm tree species Coco de Mer, which occurs exclusively
in the Seychelles, the decline in the population is estimated at around 30%.
The degree of danger is classified as highly endangered.

„Through the aesthetics of our works we hope to reawaken the love of nature in the viewer
and, through the joy of art, hope to remind about the sense of connectedness to nature,
because we (humans) protect what we love and cherish!“


The Fine Art Small Works Edition of COCO DE MER is limited to 25 pieces sized 25 x 16 cm
and printed on wonderful Fine Art Baryt paper with Ultrachrome HDR pigment inks,
numbered and signed by Nabiha & Thom on the front.
The works are available framed or unframed, single or in series.


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Fine Art small works Edition: 25 x 16 cm 25 + 2 AP

Framed / Gerahmt: Frame size 33 x 22,5 cm, numbered and signed on the front

Price: 199 € (incl. 7% VAT)

Unframend / Ungerahmt: 25 x 16 cm, numbered and signed on the front

Price: 119 € (incl. 7% VAT)

(shipping within 10 to 14 days)


Edition 90 x 60 cm 3 + 2 and
Edition 120 x 80 cm 3 + 2

Framed / Gerahmt: UltraSec® Museum Glass, numbered & signed

Unframend / Ungerahmt:
Hahnemuehle Fine Art museum quality. 

Ultrachrome HDR pigmentink, numbered & signed.
The 90 x 60 cm sized image is laid out on 100 x 70 cm sized white paper with a small white border.


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